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Dots In The Land

Dots In The Land

where people used to stand

now dots in the land

one for each soul moved on

perhaps to a great beyond

voices silenced for good

life ending before it should

now dots in the land

as we reach out our hand

trying to hold on to the breath

that left you with your death

never to come again

it’s over before it began

they said it wasn’t their fault

as they killed you without an assault

refusing to give a shit

or even to really admit

that they were a hypocrite

or quite lacking the wit

to know enough to not commit

that wearing just a bit of knit

was not showing a submit

rather it was to stop the transmit

of a virus that continues to span

creating dots across the land

This photo of the front cover of The New York Times hit hard yesterday and I laid in bed thinking about those dots well after I should have drifted to sleep. So I grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and this short poem poured out. I think I’ll tweak a bit and going to add for a last minute addition to my upcoming book “This is 2020: a poetry continuation” - the second part to “This is 2020: a poetry collection”

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