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Not only does this include the reader requested "This is 2020 part two: a poetry collection" (that shares the passion of part one) but also clothing and accessories that share some of my favorite poems from part one and part two, All orders from the "2020 collection" will still share a portion of the proceeds with Color of Change and the Coalition for the Homeless.

What does "become the helper" mean? It's a play on two thoughts. 1) Mr Rogers would say that when there is something wrong - look for the helpers. You will always see the people helping. 2) After 9/11 NY came up with the slogan - if you "see something, say something." This has morphed into anything - if you see anything not right, not fair, people getting abused, things out of place, etc - speak up. These two thoughts have grown into "become the helper." We are no longer the children looking for the helper - we are the adults that need to stand up for what is right, safe, and legit. We need to see something. We need to step in. We need to stand together. We need to become the helpers that others look for. 

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