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THIS IS 2020

a poetry collection part one (Jan-July)

Explore the moments of 2020 as we pass through each month together. Kassie paints the world as it happens through poetry and provides a perfectly biased view into some of the impacts across America and beyond. The wide spread effects of Covid-19 and the continued fight against racism are rhymed hand-in-hand with the SpaceX rocket launch and the passing of time in quarantine.

But through each of these moments frozen in verse, is a theme. One to remember that we are here together. To take care of ourselves and of others. A reminder to BE KIND, fight for what is right, and continue to "become the helpers."

Proceeds from this book will be shared between two charities that strive to help people - now and for tomorrow, "Color of Change" and "Coalition for The Homeless."

Captivating and Beautiful Read

"I absolutely loved this collection of poetry. It captures many issues the world is facing in such an honest, emotional and beautiful way. I wish we all had Kassie's outlook on life, the world would definitely be a better place. My favourite poem has got to be 'Wear a Damn Mask.' I keep picking it up and re-reading them. If you read one book this year, make sure it is this one."

Poetry reflective of our crazy world!

"Asking tough questions that rattle the psyche and summon the mirror, she puts it all in perspective and asks the question, "how can this all be happening at the same time and how did we not see this all coming?" The collection leaves me wondering and wanting - what about the rest of 2020?"

Beautifully expressed poetry!

"The poems are beautifully narrated, with heartfelt messages, deep rooted emotions, of pain, compassion, love with an underlying message to stand united for the sake of one another."

Emotional Truths

"This is an emotional and thought provoking book of poetry that speaks to the soul."

Poignant and Timely

"The writer beautifully and eloquently expresses her thoughts on the current state of affairs in our nation. She touches on racial tensions, the coronavirus, and homelessness with beautiful poignancy"

Modern Protest Poetry with a Strong, Authentic Voice.

"This poetry book is important because it gives voice to a kind of social history that might otherwise be distorted or hidden in generations to come. It is especially important to raise social awareness now, and to help those who feel they are alone in wanting long-awaited much-needed changes soon."

Tough Love

"She tells it like it is. Perfect recap of the awful year that 2020 was."

Heartfelt Journey Through Our Turbulent Times

"Runyan journeys through the fraught terrain of 2020 with personal poems that reflect her desire to build a better world."

A lovely take on 2020

"2020 has been a tough year and while this collection doesn't pull punches in that regard, it does put a lovely and often hopeful spin on the events we've all been embroiled with this year."

Powerful and thought provoking collection

"On personal and political fronts, 2020 has presented many challenges. This collection is compelling as it begins with the optimism and hope that started 2020 and serves as a poetic companion to the ensuing turmoil. The poems come in all shapes and sizes evoking compassion, empathy, anger, and a sense of belonging. Keeping this book beside you and reading a few poems a day will help put the world in perspective during these trying times."


Hope in the despair

"The author manages to put into stark contrast the angst and hopes of both the citizens of NYC and her own personal experiences. Contrasts what could be with what is. Examines the stress of a country divided on all fronts and being pressurized and amplified in the crucible of a pandemic."

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