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in a family with a history

I was born to the mom

that shed

her family's past

and fought for a better life.

I'm the lucky one.

in a small house

in a small town

I was raised without need

and with a love

from a father who sacrificed

so we could have extra.

I'm the lucky one.

with a varied history

over my years

and a troubled past

full of troubled people

making troubling decisions

and fearful nights

but here I am now

as I look around.

I'm the lucky one.

with a body

that doesn't cooperate

or coordinate

or function as it should.

I have family enough

and beautiful girls

turning into smart women

who call me auntie.

I'm the lucky one.

in a world where people want

and need

and struggle

here is my job

in a place I respect

with people who are family.

I'm the lucky one.

I can explore the world

no longer just in books

see the mountains

feel the sea breeze

follow the paths of my heroes

in awe with each flight

and each step.

I'm the lucky one.

in a world that is unjust

and forced leaders that

have abandoned those in need

while pushing others

to the ground

because those they think are below

do not look

or love

like the rulers do.

I'm the lucky one.

as disease ravages the world

and blocks the air

in the chests of the people

struggling for breath

and for life

I cower in my home

protected by glass

hugging my chest to

protect my lungs

that were scarred years before

but here...

I am the lucky one.

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