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a collection of travel poems and photographs

Kassie was born and raised in the heart of America... Iowa. Growing up she grew a great love of adventure and travel. It started with the written word by following the footsteps of each rebel, traveler, hobbit, and adventurer in every book she could get her little hands on. Yearly road trips with her family were looked forward to each summer and the desire to continue to see even more of the country grew. Soon it was a full blown passion as her travels continued into adulthood and expanded to include the world.

This poetry collection follows Kassie through her own travel adventures. Written in the moment and on the road so that the experiences wouldn't be forgotten. Combined with a few of her favorite photos from those travels to further drive the imagery that is created with the words. Follow Kassie, from the coast of Oregon to the Himalayan Mountains, as she shares her experiences in the same way she fell in love with it; through the written word.

Paperback and Digital Versions will be available on Amazon and in local NYC Bookstores in November 2020. For a signed copy prior to then, click on the button below.

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Beautiful and wonderful!

"Saying that this is a book of poems is absolutely underselling Their Footsteps - I thought it was more like a lyrical travel diary with poems about each place in each beautiful photo, reflecting the soul and beat of that country/city/landmark. This isn't a book to be read and put away - keep it out - it's an awesome reminder that we still live on an amazing planet!!! So impressed!!"

Even if you're not a poet, you will be enchanted with Kassie's word view of our world.

"My son bought this for me, a long lost poet, for Christmas, 2020, when everyone needed some brightness in their lives after a long, dark year of insufferable separation (of six feet) from the best of people. It did bring cheerful and thoughtful scenes to my old eyes. I truly enjoyed it from cover to cover. May your days continue with this wonder you have of our vast world. Write on, girl, write on!!!"

In her own words

"I love when an author writes about something they are passionate about; something that moves them. Poetry is not normally a 'favorite' of mine, but it is so much better when it is something like this. I love to travel as well, so this felt more personal to me. I recommend."

5 Stars for the Photos Alone

"The photography is amazing. On top of that, you get these enchanting little poems about many of the places they visited. I enjoyed being able to pick out quirks that I knew from places I lived and visited also."


"A beautifully written set of poems."


"This is a very short book of poetry and great pictures. The poems were thoughtful and the pictures were great. I recommend it to just relax and take a few minutes to smell the roses."

Great conversation starter

"I appreciate the author's sense of adventure. Her fantastic photographs coupled with her poems gives the reader a sense of being there. From limited shared destinations--Yellowstone, Paris, Maine--I believe many readers will relate to the author's verbal and visual tours."

Through the poet’s wanderlust eye

"Excellent, breezy collection of poems and pictures that are sure to delight any fan of the genre. A great escape for those who are currently missing their worldly travels."

The photos!

"There are photos throughout this collection that add a very nice touch to the short poems, giving the reader a peek into what the poem is about, then on the next page (at least it was this way in kindle) is the full photo. So you sort of slide through it, which is such a fun experience with reading through."

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