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BANG - Sneak Peak from "This is 2020: a poetry collection"

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Sneak peak from "This is 2020: a poetry collection" - available for sale on,, Barnes & Noble: Check it out HERE

$1 from each purchase goes to "Color of Change"

$1 from each purchase goes to "Coalition for The Homeless"



She hit the ground.

Metal coursing through her body

warmed by blood

as it flows onto the wood floor.

Justified by a badge.

A color.

A uniform.

A belief.

A judgment.

An ego.

Blind fear without cause.

And a life gone.


to that fear

because a gun

gives a person a power

that they can make the judgment

to end a life

based solely on their interpretation,

on their fear,

and it doesn't matter.

It doesn't have an impact

on the person who pulls the trigger

because they still stand

over the body

as the blood pours out.

Now just a piece of flesh

laying on the ground

that could be anything.

Once woman.

The finger that pressed down,

it didn't care.

It didn't think,

It just lives in fear

and in the power

that the metal brings.

He stands up straighter,

weapon in hand

as the light in the eyes

of the woman beneath him

goes out





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