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Video of The Cycle Continues - Sneak Peak from "This is 2020: a poetry collection"

Sneak peak from "This is 2020: a poetry collection" - available for sale on,, Barnes & Noble: Check it out HERE

$1 from each purchase goes to "Color of Change"

$1 from each purchase goes to "Coalition for The Homeless"

I wrote this poem - in the summer of 2020 when again we see this cycle continuing. We have been here before. We have had the same arguments over and over and over with the same side of people that are convinced that racism is no longer an issue or blind to the evolution of systematic racisms. The same racism that I see in my city and beyond; in the public (education, housing, services, and even transport) systems. And nothing has changed. We will be in the same moment, having the same conversations, and standing together in the same marches... two years from now unless everyone recognizes these issues and work together to speak and fight against the injustices that we see every day - socially, in person, in culture and entertainment and our lives. Be an ally. Truly. For the future of the human race.

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