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Kassie was born and raised in the heart of America... Iowa. Growing up she grew a great love of adventure and travel. It started with the written word by following the footsteps of each rebel, traveler, hobbit, and adventurer in every book she could get her little hands on. Yearly road trips with her family were looked forward to each summer and the desire to continue to see even more of the country grew. Soon it was a full blown passion as her travels continued into adulthood and expanded to include the world.

This poetry collection follows Kassie through her own travel adventures. Written in the moment and on the road so that the experiences wouldn't be forgotten. Combined with a few of her favorite photos from those travels to further drive the imagery that is created with the words. Follow Kassie, from the coast of Oregon to the Himalayan Mountains, as she shares her experiences in the same way she fell in love with it; through the written word.

DIGITAL Their Footsteps: a collection of travel poems and photographs

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