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Welcome! We are Rick & Kassie Runyan. Hailing from NYC (for the last 7 years) and we LOVE travel. We try to take multiple trips per year as we work towards our goal of 100 countries. Right now (writing this in October 2022), together, we are at 16.

Rick is an engineer and loves european travel but dreams of Antartica and Japan.

Kassie is an Author (see this site you are on and we are piggy-backing on to) and works in Marketing. Her dream trips are "anything that is different from daily life."

We have been together since 2005 and married since 2014. Moving from Missouri (originally Kansas for Rick and Iowa for Kassie) to New York City in 2015 for Kassie's job - and loving every minute of it. We knew we would love living in NYC but didn't know HOW much we would love it.

We started traveling with US trips - California, road trip to Oregon with Rick's family, road trip to Colorado with Kassie's family, NYC, MN, Oregon again... and again... and again, Montana, Washington, and more!

Then ventured out of the country in 2012 for Jamaica with friends before waiting again until 2015 with a trip to Iceland, thanks for the roll of a globe. Really - that is how we picked our first "solo" international trip. Since then we have gone on to explore England, Scotland, South Africa, Belgium, France, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands, India, Nepal (with a less than functional attempt at the EBC), and Canada. We started making videos. Well... to be honest, we started making videos well before international travel... but we started making them more official. We make them for ourselves - but love to share them with others. We also dabble in 'better than hobby' photography.

We're going to start to use this space to share tips and tricks to locations, things we wish we knew, what we pack (hint - we don't pack a lot), and our basic itineraries of the places we visit. Please enjoy! And check out our YT page!

Also - feel free to check out Kassie's books! The Death and Life of John Doe - her debut novel (lots of travel... of a different variety) and her poetry books (including "Their Footsteps" which is a collection of travel poetry and photography) are all available on this site and wherever books are sold.


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