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SNOWDONIA (& a bit of Cardiff), WALES, UK - May 2023

7 of 40 Birthday Experiences! May 2023 - Sheep, hills, history and more!

Day One: We woke up and grabbed coffee and a pastry from No 25 Cafe in Tenby, Wales before heading out in the car to Caerphilly and to walk some sheep (OMG!!!) at Duffryn Farm. After that we headed to Caerphilly Castle - which is a great one to really explore and walk around. The roads quickly went from highway to very tight 2 lane roads. It was a bit nerve-racking for Rick but the view was gorgeous. We made it to our AirBnB in Abergynolwyn (in the south part of Snowdonia National Park). It is a Slate Minors Cottage built in the 1860’s and it was perfect.

Day Two: An early breakfast in Dolgellau at Yr Hen Efail. Then up (and on some two way/ single lane roads that Rick was not a fan of) to get to Capel Garmon Burial Chamber. This was amazing and the oldest structure we’ve seen to date - from the Neolithic era and erected in 2500 - 1900 B.C. for the communal burial of the dead. Picked up some snacks and them back to the cottage just in time for a beer and a long walk searching for a waterfall (without luck) to then head up to find a hiking trail and another waterfall before coming out at the back of our cottage!

Day Three: Breakfast in our garden before saying goodbye to Ifor and heading to Castle y Bere . The castle was built in 1221 and is an amazing example of structures of this time. There were signs all over in both Welsh and English to read about the room you are standing in. Then on to Dolgoch Falls - which is a beautiful waterfall to climb up. After that we stopped for lunch and a pint at Ty’n y Cornel and then drove back to Cardiff for a stay.

Day Four: We dropped the car off at Hertz before grabbing the train back to London - Underground to Farringdon Station - Gatwick Express Train to the Gatwick Airport and back to New York!

Important Links and additional information:

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What started as 40 from august to august has expanded to the start of 2023 to August 2024. Due to other people planning things that we want to join… before August 2023. This is the celebration of “omg Kassie survived 40 years - we never thought it would happen.” Maybe the next 40, I’ll be more careful so it won’t be so surprising. 40 “experiences” have to be #1 unique, #2 require the day and night in the location to count, #3 that’s it.


Originally from Iowa (Kassie) and Kansas (Rick), we met in Kansas in 2005 and immediately found that we had so much in common - including our desire to someday see the world. We now live in NYC and quickly started catching up on travel after our first (just us) international trip to Iceland in 2015. We decided to start making videos for us and our family/friends to track our travels. Kassie is in Marketing, an Author (see her poetry + author videos), and Puppet Creator. Rick is an Engineer and Script Writer (see our current and coming puppet movies!)

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