Happy Bird Publication Consulting

Have you recently finished your manuscript, novel, short story, or poetry collection and are ready to get it in the hands of your adoring public, but don't know where to start? That's what I'm here for! I provide freelance services to the level that you need to get your book out the door. My service to you starts with a 30 minute phone call to determine if our partnership would be a good fit and where you are needing support. 

Some of the items that I assist with:

  • Determining if Self-Publication, Indie Publication, or Traditional Publication is the way to go based on your book and publication desires

  • Early reviews

  • Editorial Needs

  • Social Media Setup / Posts / Social Schedule

  • Ads - Video, Social, and Print

  • Pre-sales

  • Layout

  • Cover (Front and Back) Design and descriptions

  • Self-Publication - Start To Finish

  • Traditional Agent or Indie Publication - Submissions

  • Author/Book Website

  • Bookstore Submissions and Speaking Engagements

  • Launch Event

  • Author Profile

  • Physical Prints

  • Blog Creation

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